Home is Possible Makes Dreaming a Reality



You may be eligible to receive up to 5% of you loan amount to use towards your down payment and closing costs!  

Home is Possible is a down payment assistance program that helps make the dream of home ownership a reality for qualified Nevadans.

The program is specifically designed for those who can afford the monthly mortgage payments but whose savings may fall short of the necessary downpayment.

To find out if you qualify fill out the contact form below.  

For more information about the program visit the Nevada Housing Division website.


Benefits of the Home is Possible Program:

  • Fixed interest rate 30-year loan
  • No first-time homebuyer requirement
  • Grant is non-repayable
  • Available state-wide
  • No asset limits for homebuyers
  • Now offering up to a 4% grant with government loan types and up  to a 5% grant with conventional loan financing
  • Grants are based upon the loan amount and can be used for down  payment assistance and/or closing costs.
  • Can be combined with The Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) Program.

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